You all know i love to tell stories, of course not made up but stories that i gain through experience, so here is one.

There i was editing a job, trying to meet deadline with a very ferocious client, i had been working all day from 8am and it was about past 2pm.

Camo my trusted colleague (sidekick if it was a super hero movie) came around cos we were in it together.

Ring! Ring! went my phone (Actually IPhone Tone Dubstep remix) and who was, a model previously and recently shot… meeting the model is a whole different story, So I’ll leave it for a later time. Well i met him during the casting for the job i was killing myself over just a few minutes ago *Smiles*

Well he called me asking if i could have a shoot for him like yesterday and i asked the idea and he said well he’s 10 minutes away from the studio… come over i said and gbam he was here… i met with the fashion designer and after a brief chit chat we finished negotiations…. i must say i love clients like that.

he went to pick up his model, and we got shooting… did i mention i met his awesome stylist who’s an awesome chef.. Gist for another blog again.

After the shoot as done which was an outdoor shoot which still wasn’t a serious something, he made transfer immediately… Still the kinda clients i love with my whole heart.

Here is what we created after which we’ll have what i can call the briefest introduction and shoot idea.

Apparently the designer was the Boss behind my final year graduation sweat shirt *i didn’t get one tho*

So here is the briefest intro I’v ever seen…. ‘3redsmit— Urban designer of everything awesome…’ ‘The collection previewed here serves as a premise for a more robust collection this year….’

And of course we (Rock Photos) are looking forward to that…. keep it locked here and get more awesomeness as regards images and concepts.


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