Food Photography: Chicken, Chips and Salad

When I think of Chicken and Chips…. im sure every Unilag person automatically shares my brain wave…. but then not to say bad things about anyones craft, it’ll take a lot to buy that…

Now moving forward to what I have for y’all today… The story of how this dish and shoot came to be… I’m so sure y’all are expecting a very dramatic story like that Akara and Custard post, *Laughs Hard* …. Sorry to disappoint.

One faithful morning, Rock was dreaming peacefully (I really don’t know what i was dreaming about, that’s if I was dreaming at all) and all of a sudden, He hears a very faint voice calling through the dream world to reality, Rock, Rock… He knows it cannot be from the dream, so he takes a huge sigh from the dream world and decides to wake up… (Yhhhhhh Rock controls what happens in his dreams…. I know most of y’all don’t believe it, but it’s either u do or u don’t).

Back to the story, he wakes, looks up and sees Marian looking at him… Come and shoot this for me…. With so much shock in my heart enough to bring someone who just passed out back to life, I looked at her, looked at the window, looked at her again and duffed my head… It was most likely 6:30 am, or 7:00 am and I was determined not to shoot it…

Stuttering, i uttered but it’s not bright enough, it wont look good, light has to be at its highest point, the shot wont come out nice…. All I said Failed.

Here is what I got that very morning…. would really love to get your feedback on these shots….

Honest Feedback please.

Well I didn’t say the shot half bad or that bad…. Appreciate the chef

visit for more dishes and recipes.

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look out for the Coconut Jollof Rice, Fried Plantain and BBQ Chicken!



4 thoughts on “Food Photography: Chicken, Chips and Salad

  1. Wow, beautifully precise, carefully crafted. I’m not gonna even get started on the meal, I love chips and chicken for life😍😍


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