About Rock

Right about now, I’m sure you are expecting a kick-ass introduction about ROCK and what this photo-blog is all about. Well, I am terrible at this so bear with me… *Smiles*.

Peter, A.K.A. Rock is a Photographer. Rock Photos/ Studios started in 2013 when Rock (Peter) discovered his passion for photography and decided to make a living out of it. Having being self taught and probably got one or two tips from pros in the game, he realized he so much loves details in facial expressions, and the emotion one can convey by moving facial muscles slightly. This realization didn’t come until 3 years after *Looks Away* ….

Well fast forward to present time, Rock has decided to share his love for Emotions, Expressions, Art, Concepts and Food with the world.

So, have fun on the page. Read, comment and of course share with friends for a great photography experience.