SPICEBOMB Viktor & Rolf Perfume

Happy New year guys! I'm so sorry I have not posted or given inspiration since the new year, but we will do our best to make up for time lost. Here's the first post for this year and I hope you all like it. It's to tell how I got inspired to shoot this. On … Continue reading SPICEBOMB Viktor & Rolf Perfume


Promo: September Super Promo

From the first day of september which begins on friday this week till the last day of september, Camrock studios is gonna be giving huge discount rates on all Birthday shoot, Fashion shoot, Headshots and Photo sessions. For each and every one of them there is a stipulated 30% discount. The awesome thing about this … Continue reading Promo: September Super Promo

Business Profiling: Ziza Digital

Good day all... So majorly i know y'all be thinking food is the only thing i enjoy posting cause it tortures you, well yeah I enjoy making you feel that way but here's something to tone it down. This went down early this year in February and I must say it was a painless job, … Continue reading Business Profiling: Ziza Digital

Chicken Fries and Salad DOF

Food Photography: Chicken, Chips and Salad

When I think of Chicken and Chips.... im sure every Unilag person automatically shares my brain wave.... but then not to say bad things about anyones craft, it'll take a lot to buy that... Now moving forward to what I have for y'all today... The story of how this dish and shoot came to be... … Continue reading Food Photography: Chicken, Chips and Salad

Cass Peju - Dupe BNW

Styling: The Casso Legacy

When it comes to styling, iv seen so many... But here's a Nigga who keeps (Permit me to say) Bursting my Brain. Not the original words I wanted to use *Winks*. Well, met Casso early this year through Camo. He was the stylist recommended by Camo for a job, since I trusted Camo, I trusted … Continue reading Styling: The Casso Legacy


You all know i love to tell stories, of course not made up but stories that i gain through experience, so here is one. There i was editing a job, trying to meet deadline with a very ferocious client, i had been working all day from 8am and it was about past 2pm. Camo my … Continue reading Fashion: 3REDSMIT (URBAN DESIGN) MINI COLLECTION

Headshots: Ms. Rachel (EBC)

Here we have beautiful headshots of Ms. Rachel... This wasnt really a planned shoot. Okay so introduction, Ms. Rachel is my personal assistant, my personal Make-up Artist and Personal Model... Always there when needed or called upon. she's proven herself very loyal to the dream and one cannot but just fall in love with her … Continue reading Headshots: Ms. Rachel (EBC)


So preparing this dish I must say was entirely exhilarating, from cutting the yam to shape, to boiling to dipping and frying.... ooh so much mouth-watering thoughts right now... Dont even get me started on the Peppered ketchup tomato sauce awwwww.... absolutely wonderful. Well i categorically cannot give you the preparation for the whole dish … Continue reading FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: YAMARITA WITH PEPPERED KETCHUP TOMATO SAUCE

Overhead shot of Dish


This is a post shwing the Ingredients and Procedure to making a Steamed Butterfly Prawns In Soy Sauce With Bsamati Rice


Once upon a hungry morning, there were two creatives, CAMO and ROCK (CamRock 😉 ) who just finished working out at Amphi Theatre. What to eat we thought to ourselves, Cook?... nahhhhh And behold a light bulb lit up so bright it burned and we decided... That Akara Woman at the Junction. With a lot … Continue reading FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: AKARA AND CUSTARD WITH MILK